My love for woodworking takes roots from very early period of my life.  My dad is a huge nerd about woodworking, he even collects different types screws or something. In my childhood, I’ve helped him build all kinds of furniture, from sofas to the house for my dog. When I left for college few years back, all those memories and my love for woodworking slowly started to fade away, but four years later, as I was out of university and looking for a place to settle down, I specifically wanted a house with spacious garage so I could start my solo career in woodworking. Even though I decided to settle on the east side, and my parents live in San Diego, my father was a lot of help and I couldn’t have gotten started in woodworking without him. I started devouring all kinds of books, magazines and even youtube channels on woodworking, and in some ways, all that information worked against me. I couldn’t make up my mind on what specifically i wanted to do, and didn’t know where to get started either. I considered buying hand saws and doing all my woodworking manually with hand tools, but that didn’t turn out to be a great idea for the reasons that are too complicated for this post to go through. I did want to try carving though, and actually gave it a try couple of times, but I don’t think I have enough artistry in me to successfully pull that off.

So I settled on buying power tools, but I still had to made up my mind on which specific tools to buy. There are so many brands and different types of circular saws out there that my mind was tripping out. But my father was always there to explain the differences between worm drive and sidewinder saws. By the way, if you’re wondering, I settled on worm drive saws and he even helped me buy the best worm drive saw that I could wish for.  But that wasn’t enough. I had my mind set on buying one more tool, and managed to collect spare few hundred dollars to spend on that purchase. We had a lot of back and forth arguments on what tools to buy – I wanted a miter saw and my father recommended buying table saw instead. Thinking that table saws were too expensive for my budget of three hundred dollars, I wanted to buy miter saw from DeWalt instead, believing it to be a sure thing. My previous worm drive saw has been from Dewalt and it had worked perfectly so far, so I was convinced. But my father was right and changed my mind again. He managed to find used table saw on craigslist for 250$, and I reluctantly gave in and bought it. He was right again. So with the help of my father and some of my own research, I’ve been getting better at woodworking ever since and hope to pass it to my children as he passed it to me.