Invitation for Commentary and FeedbackWhy Humanity Is Better Off with ReligionThe Strange Case of the Aspiring Theist: An Unbeliever Who Wants to BelieveSummary of ChaptersThe Poverty of Atheism: Hostility and MisanthropyThe "Unhappy Atheist"Reviews and EndorsementsExcerpt from Chapter 9Blog is an extension of the book by the same title.  It is meant to encourage reader participation. In this way, both believers and atheists can engage in an ongoing discussion about the individual, social and cultural contributions of religion – and the deficiencies of atheism. If you also need someone you could ask "Could you help me do my assignment?", send a message to us describing your deal.

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The most thought-provoking reader commentary will be reproduced in this website, subject to one qualification: The atheism-theism debate is often characterized by extremists from both sides striving to out-shout each other.  In that context, typically people resort to the same black-and-white, hackneyed arguments. There are some examples for proper analysis here, here and here.

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Assume that we have all heard these assertions before -- and probably more than once.  Use this website space to make original statements about the issue of the practical value of religion versus atheism. 

Further, I would be very interested in your recommendations for relevant books, websites, blogs, and periodicals.  Share your mind with me!

I look forward to reading your insightful comments.